My name is Sonia Rodriguez and I would like to share my story of how the Off the Street, Back to Work and the Orange County Rescue Mission changed my life for the better.

In May of 2016 my life began to spiral out of control. I was living in the city of San Bernardino with an abusive partner and far away from family. In addition, I was caring for my son while working full-time and attending school full-time. I tried to stay above water for a long time but before I knew it I began using drugs and alcohol to cope. I wanted to escape reality and began hanging with unhealthy people in my neighborhood. I ended the relationship with my abusive partner to only enter another toxic abusive relationship shortly after. I quickly began losing control of my life. So much that my family contacted authorities to protect my child and I.  I lost everything but more importantly the custody of my son. I was broken and lost. I hit rock bottom and was encouraged to enter the OCRM by family. In October 2017 I finally committed to the program and was devoted to changing my life for the better. The program allowed me to heal, cope and I slowly began mending relationships with family and my son. The structure of the program supported my growth and after almost two years I was supported with job placement. I began the job search phase in January. I began seeking employment as a recruiter and received several job offers.  In February 2019, Off the Street, Back to Work came to the program and committed to supporting individuals in rehabilitation and allowing them to be given a second chance. This company allowed me to be frank regarding my past but more importantly it allowed me to work on my future.  It brought light and hope and lead me to the perfect position a service coordinator for PriorityWorkforce, Inc.