Mentors & Sponsors Program

Make An Impact

Part of “Off the Street, Back to Work” program’s activities include not only the placement of those individuals who are ready to work in viable jobs, but also pairing them up with an appropriate volunteer mentor/sponsor who will shepherd them through the transition process from “the street to the office”

“Off the Street, Back to Work” welcomes those who wish to serve as mentors and sponsors to assist the foundation’s job candidates build confidence and self-esteem, while also assisting them in sharpening his/her skill set as they prepare for the interview(s) with the prospective employer(s).

From admin assistants to top-level managers—as a volunteer—we will find the right fit for you among our job candidates. Sometimes, the assistance needed may simply require some words of wisdom or encouragement. Other times, what may be beneficial is guidance on what to wear to the job interview, how to prepare a resume, how to brush up on his/her skill set(s) or basic tips on how to answer questions from prospective employers during the interview process. We welcome those business professionals of all ranks and levels who can spare even a short amount of time in person or on the phone with a select candidate to give him/her some solid advice, insight, training and/or moral support prior to heading out for that very important job interview.