Off the Street, Back to Work

About Us

Off the Street, Back to Work is a non-profit 501.c foundation that assists homeless individuals who have made their way through one or more homeless aid programs – those who are “job-ready” – find meaningful jobs according to his or her skill set(s) and talent(s).

The organization, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, works together with rehab organizations, referral agencies, and individuals who assist the homeless (with basic food, shelter, clothing, and health care needs), find gainful employment for such individuals so they can live productively on his/her own.

The organization was founded by a group of dedicated staffers at Tustin-based PriorityWorkforce, a company that helps its 650-company client base fill more than 25,000 staffing positions each year.

Off the Street, Back to Work has an active advisory board, comprised of distinguished individuals throughout Orange County, each of whom are involved in causes that address the needs of the growing homeless population.

Off the Street, Back to Work’s primary focus is that of helping reformed and rehabilitated homeless individuals secure gainful employment.

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