Tustin, Calif.—In yet one more effort to expand its many philanthropic and charitable works, PriorityWorkforce—a Tustin, California-based staffing company that supplies skilled commercial  and administrative staff, and management types to more than 650 companies throughout Southern California—has kicked off its “Off the Street, Back to Work” (OTSBTW) 501.c non-profit foundation to help homeless organizations in both Orange County and Los Angeles assist rehabilitated homeless individuals secure job placement, according to John Porrello, CEO of PriorityWorkforce.

 “We have helped on the periphery with regard to the homeless dilemma over the past several years by offering homeless organizations donations of canned and dried goods, monetary donations, and volunteer workers, but we now want to do what PriorityWorkforce does best: We now want to help recently homeless ‘job-ready’ candidates get back into the workplace.”

To that end, PriorityWorkforce has initiated OTSBTW which will operate as a separate entity under the guidance and support of the major staffing company.

Porrello has named Ann Page, long-time PriorityWorkforce executive as head of the OTSBTW foundation which recently opened offices at 600 S. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, Calif.

Page, who has designed the program with a team of energetic staff, explains that by partnering with various active homeless organizations—those that feed, clothe, and obtain medical care and other much-needed services for the homeless—the program will thrive. Page and her staff will also coordinate with companies in need of recruiting qualified employees. According to Page, Off the Street, Back to Work has begun its outreach program with the intent of doing its part to assist in eliminating the homeless crisis.  “Our mission is to play a major role in helping people find productive jobs where they can not only contribute to the workforce but build on their careers,” Porrello affirmed. “Our goal is to help keep homeless individuals off the streets.”

The foundation, Page says, will work at placing candidates in not only short-term assignments, but long-term ones as well.

 “We believe that by helping those who are ready and prepared to re-enter the workplace, we can help these individuals reclaim their dignity, pride, and most of all, their ability to not only survive on their own, but to become wholly self-sufficient,” explains Page, who handles the day-to-day “Off the Street, Back to Work” operations. “Everyone needs to feel of value in the workplace,” Porrello affirms. “That belief is at the core of what OTSBTW is all about. Thankfully, we are in a strategic position to facilitate a sense of well-being that many homeless have not had; some for months, others for years. We want to be an integral part of changing that!”

PriorityWorkforce supplies hundreds of employees each year to companies throughout the Southland and has a client base of 650 companies. The company also employs more than 200 at its headquarters in Tustin, California and interfaces with 1200 vendors.

PriorityWorkforce is no stranger to helping in the community. It also makes contributions to the ALS organization, various breast cancer groups, the Red Cross’s hurricane recovery efforts, and the Humane Society’s Rescue Dog program. The company also conducts an internal scholarship program and offers valuable experience and college credit to upper education college and university interns. Moreover, it also offers financial aid to many of its employees to further his/her skill sets and attain accredited degrees and certifications.

As part of its energetic outreach program, PriorityWorkforce invites all established organizations who help the homeless to contact them, as well as those who wish to sponsor, mentor and/or coach “job-ready” candidates who would like to join them in securing jobs for the homeless.

Those interested may contact the Santa Ana OTSBTW headquarters and connect with Ann Page at 714 955-5341 or email apage@OTSBTW.com.. Please visit www.offthestreetbacktowork.com for more information.