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Helping Break the Cycle of Homelessness

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OC Weekly

Steve Donofrio | OC Weekly | February 20,2019 Few challenges have pervaded our society as long and consistently as homelessness. Unfortunately, it seems to have only worsened in recent years. In fact, the number of homeless people in Santa Ana alone is said to have doubled from the beginning of 2017 to early 2018. Of course, there are plenty of small things that we can...

OC Business Journal

Tustin, CA — Tustin-based PriorityWorkforce, a staffing company that places more than 25,000 employees at 650 companies annually, launched a non-profit called Off the Street, Back to Work...

OTSBTW Officially Launches

Tustin, Calif.—In yet one more effort to expand its many philanthropic and charitable works, PriorityWorkforce—a Tustin, California-based staffing company that supplies skilled commercial  and administrative staff, and management types to more than 650 companies throughout Southern California—has kicked off its “Off the Street, Back to Work” (OTSBTW) 501.c non-profit...

Why We’re Here

No matter the unfortunate circumstance(s) that caused an individual to drop out of mainstream society, loses his/her job, and be made to live on the streets, Off the Street, Back to Work is dedicated to helping employable individuals get back to work.

Off the Street, Back to Work, is a non-profit foundation based in Santa Ana, California. It is committed to helping those individuals – once rehabilitated and ready to reenter the workplace – do so. It takes “job ready” candidates and places them in jobs that fit his/her area of expertise.

Whether a homeless individual was once a factory worker, a shipping clerk, a secretary, an aspriring or full-fledged management business professional, or someone in the creative arts, Off the Street, Back to Work is committed to helping those down-and-out men and women once again become an integral part of the workforce.

Coordinating closely with many philanthropic Orange County organizations, whose primary purpose is to rescue and care for the homeless population, this new non-profit is geared to aid such organizations take the next step: it Prepares those they for to utilize Off the Street, Back to Work program where individuals can secure suitable jobs; ones that match a rehabilitated candidate’s talents and skills.

The foundation, which was established by staff and management at one of the largest and most prestigious locally-operated staffing companies, PriorityWorkforce, based in Tustin, provides its 650-member client base with more than 25,000 staff members each year. As such, the company has generously donated resources to assist in launching the “back to work” program – one whose only mission is to see that people are working again.

To date, Off the Street, Back to Work offers the following services:


  • Helps “job-ready” candidates identify the ideal position for his/her talents and skills
  • Provides training to prepare candidates for the job interview
  • Links candidates to organizations that can provide suitable attire for an interview
  • Makes available a scholarship program to help further a candidate’s technical and business skills through training
  • Connects viable candidates with employers for suitable job placement
  • Assigns a business/mentor/sponsor individual to guide the would-be employee candidate with such services as counseling, practical guidance, encouragement, and moral support as he/she navigates through the “back to work” process

All It Takes is One Opportunity

Sometimes all it takes is a second chance to change the landscape of someone’s present and future life. Off the Street, Back to Work is here to provide this second chance to those who are ready to receive it.

Our Mission

Off the Street, Back to Work is committed to assisting homeless individuals who are “job-ready” find meaningful and gainful employment through job placement opportunities. Its purpose is to inspire, motivate, and instill otherwise down-and-out individuals with a newfound sense of purpose, self-esteem and dignity as they utilize their skills and talents in the workplace.

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